Exposing our youth to the film industry opens their eyes to a world of possibility in the film industry and beyond.


Our Team

Our staff includes three Board Directors, one student board member, three officers, 10 professional instructors, community volunteers, and a three member advisory board. Each member of the board and officers have backgrounds in education and creative arts. Our professional instructors have over 75 IMDB feature film/television series credits ranging from Video Assistant on Michael Bay’s latest movie to Unit Photographer for the Lost television series. In addition to real-world filmmaking experience, our staff includes over 20 years teaching in schools such as University of Texas to Kauai High School. The staff of our Production Assistant Course alone have Production Assistant credits from over nine major features filmed on Kauai. Our students receive the best filmmaking training Kauai has to offer.

Our objectives

  • Job Training. The Kauai Film Academy meets a need we have on Kauai – job training and job inspiration among our youth for an ever growing and important industry.

  • Safety. We teach SAFETY FIRST. Filming on a large set, sometimes with over 50 people using complex and potentially dangerous equipment requires clear training goals and objectives. All of our students are required to pass our On-Set Safety Exam and before participating in actual on- set professional film training.

  • Confidence. By intensively and comprehensively training our students before filming, their experience on the set is greatly enhanced.

  • Real World Application. Because we film with professional actors and professional filmmakers who donate their time, energy, and knowledge, we have to be able to meet our filmmaking schedule. Our students learn time management, let’s “make the day”, and leadership skills in a safe yet real environment.

  • Inspiration. It inspires our students to work in an industry that they thought was only a dream. Once they have actually done it, they realize that it’s not impossible.

  • STEM. (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) We fill a need that is not currently available on Kauai – professional technical filmmaking training for youth. The majority of jobs in the filmmaking industry are complex technical jobs. We teach those skills.

I didn’t have this when I was growing up on Kauai, I had to go to LA to work in film, and it’s amazing that kids have this opportunity today.
— Sonya Balmores, Actress on Marvel's Inhumans
Having been involved in filmmaking on Kaua‘i for 30 years, I’m pleased to see the efforts of the Kauai Film Academy and the outreach to our youth on Kaua‘i. It will be nice to see these young filmmakers rise to the challenge and flourish in the opportunity.
— Sue Kanoho, Kauai Visitors Bureau
Having a film academy on Kaua’i provides an important opportunity for our people to showcase their talents and expand their knowledge and experience in the motion picture industry. The Kaua’i Film Academy ensures that local filmmakers have the resources and talent available right here on our island to be successful.
— Bernard Carvalho Jr., Former Mayor of the County of Kauai