Kauai Film Academy was created in 2010 as a film club that provides Professional Filmmaking Training and Creative Filmmaking Opportunities for the youth of Kauai. We develop student stories and experiences, provide technical job-specific classroom training and on-set professional experience with industry standard equipment, and produce student-driven films from development to distribution through our Film Academy Program, which is a non-profit 501(3)c. We give students on Kauai that rare chance to experience what is required to conceive, develop, and produce a professional narrative film. 




We fill a need that is not currently available on Kauai – professional technical filmmaking training for youth. The majority of jobs in the filmmaking industry are complex technical jobs. We teach those skills using the most advanced and cutting-edge equipment in the film industry. When we teach our students how to operate a camera or a dolly it is based on STEM. They learn what it is, how it works, with practical application of science and mathematics in a fun, exciting industry, creating a work of art they believe in.



Kauai Film Academy is creating the first feature length narrative film on Kauai using all local Talent, Crew, and Resources.


Too Much Life was written by our Screenplay Committee under the guidance of our instructors and took approximately one year to complete the first draft. It is about the difficulties of being a teenager while dealing with parents, friends, social media, grades, teachers, the future and trying to balance and control it all - even when life proves to be unpredictable. The lead character Harper Hudson is based upon the experiences of several of the students that wrote the story.

This film is more than a student driven film, or major project for our students to complete after attending the Kauai Film Academy. It’s a something for our entire island to be a part of – from food service to filming we believe that it is time for Kauai to make a feature film about Kauai, about our keiki, and about our future. That’s why we are using the #kauaimade to help spread news about the film. Because it will be Kauai made.