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"This is an opportunity for the keiki on Kauai to tell their stories, and Kauai has lots of stories to tell."          Bernard Carvalho Jr. - Mayor of the County of Kauai & Niihau
Having a film academy on Kaua’i provides an important opportunity for our people to showcase their talents and expand their knowledge and experience in the motion picture industry. The Kaua’i Film Academy ensures that local filmmakers have the resources and talent available right here on our island to be successful.
— Bernard Carvalho Jr. - Mayor of the County of Kauai
The KFA is a great extension of one of our long-term goals which is to grow the next generation of Kaua`i film professionals in this highly digitized global village. It’s a great example of friends and families near and far coming together in support of Kauai’s future professionals.
— Randy Francisco - Kauai Film Commissioner
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Having been involved in filmmaking on Kaua‘i for 30 years, I’m pleased to see the efforts of the Kauai Film Academy and the outreach to our youth on Kaua‘i. It will be nice to see these young filmmakers rise to the challenge and flourish in the opportunity.
— Sue Kanoho - Kaua'i Visitors Bureau